Many irrational beliefs can be summoned to support continued gambling.  A common myth is the gambler's misunderstanding of randomness.  The gambler tries to make sense of a series of losses or attempts to see a pattern in the results of his/her wagers.  Some other common myths are:

Abliity to Change the Outcome
Gamblers begin to believe that wins were produced solely by their own efforts, rather than by the random operation of a gambling device or cards.

Magical Thinking
The gambler comes to believe that wins have been produced by thinking a certain way or even hoping or wishing for a win.

Superstitions & Rituals
Gamblers begin to believe that certain objects, ways of sitting or even articles of clothing may be helping or hindering their gambling wins.

Gamblers believe that by learning a certain system of betting they can overcome the house advantage.  This results in inevitable failure.

Personification of the Gambling Device
The belief that a slot machine or VLT is deliberately punishing, rewarding, taunting or trying to make a player angry.

Near Miss Belief
That belief that by "almost" winning the gambler was on to something of significance, justifying further tries.

Cold or Hot Machines
The belief that if a VLT hasn't paid out for a while it wall pay out soon, or that if it has paid out recently, it is not due to pay out in the near future.

"Chasing" Beliefs
The belief that money lost by gambling hasn't really been lost but can be recovered through further gambling.

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