Who We Are

The Problem Gambling Resources Network (Alberta) (PGRN), was constituted under the Societies Act of Alberta in 1993 as a non-profit, non partisan, non-government organization.

The PGRN is a leader in providing problem gambling awareness, education, prevention, advocacy and treatment referrals within the Edmonton region. The PGRN works closely with the Alberta Health Services and other allied agencies throughout Alberta to ensure that quality, effective problem gambling services are available for all Albertans.

The PGRN's primary funding sources include: Alberta Health Services (for problem gambling awareness and education programs delivered to schools and businesses in the Edmonton area); memberships; donations, fundraising activities, grants and special problem gambling related initiatives.

Mission Statement

"The Problem Gambling Resources Network is committed to helping individuals and communities address gambling in a healthy and responsible way through public awareness, education, advocacy, prevention, treatment/referral and research."


The PGRN believes...
... that problem gambling is an addiction.
... that problem gambling impacts more than just the individual gambler.
... that resources for all people affected by problem gambling need to be available and accessible.
... that informed people are more likely to make healthy choices.
... that community input is necessary in the development of responsible provincial gambling policy.
... that problem gambling is best addressed through community effort.

Values and Philosophies

  • The PGRN is neither for nor against responsible legal gambling in Alberta
  • The PGRN cooperates and participates with government and non-government organizations, the gambling industry, business and individuals engaged in the development and implementation of gaming policy.
  • The PGRN values and strives for honesty, integrity, ethical conduct and compassion towards its fellow man.
  • The PGRN has adopted the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy's Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code


In order to carry out its mission the PGRN defines the following objectives:

  • To raise public awareness about gambling and problem gambling in Alberta;
  • To provide education on gambling and problem gambling issues to individuals, families, schools, community groups, professionals industry and labour, government and media groups throughout Alberta;
  • To provide advocacy for Albertans as it pertains to gaming/responsible gaming policies and gambling services in Alberta;
  • To develop and implement problem gambling prevention campaigns and initiatives throughout Alberta;
  • To promote treatment, counselling and support for those Albertans affected by problem gambling;
  • To affect, fund, and support gambling and problem gambling research initiatives;
  • To engage in fund development activities that builds capacity in and furthers the advancement of problem gambling initiatives throughout Alberta
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