Renee P. - Archbishop O'Leary High School

Having Andree speak in our classroom is always a treat. She relates with my students and teaches them that gambling is a huge issue facing our young people. She makes it clear that help is available to those who want it. Her presentation gives my students the true facts about gambling, and teaches them that addictions do not discriminate. She is very personable as well as funny and easy to listen to. Many students have commented on how they loved hearing her story, and that they were shocked to hear that such a smart person could end up with a gambling addiction. We have had great discussions about gambling following Andree's presentation. Andree is always welcomed in my CALM classes.

Adelle N. - J. Percy Page High School

The PGRN presentations in my CALM class have always been informative and moving to not only my students, but to myself as well. The information we receive, along with personal stories are inspirational and life changing. PGRN is always welcome in my classroom.

Murray M. - Westlawn School

I'd recommend PGRN to any community. Coming from a Junior High prospective, the presentations were excellent. Presenters were real and were able to relate their stories to the students. The students were engaged and that brought up many discussions.


Donna W. - Ross Sheppard High School

Students have always responded very positively to having someone share their personal stories of gambling. They are attentive and very appreciative of this opportunity to learn from "real live" situations. An excellent program, I would encourage all students to have an opportunity to view.


Lance A.:                                                                         

Heather is a very good presentor with a very good message. Her personal story is good and the students can try to understand who she has become with her addtiction to gambling. She presented information that is very practical and informative. The slide show is full of infromation and followed the presentation well.




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