Problem Gambling in Alberta

Problem gamblers come from all segments of the population, live in all regions of the province and include men and women of all ages and all socio-economic backgrounds. In addition to gambling for entertainment or fun, people with gambling problems will often gamble alone, chase losses and gamble to escape from problems.
Symptoms of severe gambling problems include emotional distress such as anxiety, depression, difficulty thinking or problem solving, and thoughts of suicide. Physical distress related to problem gambling includes sleep and eating disturbances and an inability to refrain from gambling. Other difficulties include health problems, problems with family and social relationships, and employment or school-related troubles as a result of gambling activities.

The Problem Gambling Resources Network is committed to helping individuals and communities address gambling in a healthy and responsible way through public awareness, education, advocacy, prevention, treatment/referral and research.


Workshops & Presentations

The PGRN offers 1 to 2 hour presentations aimed at
promoting awareness about how gambling can
impact the community & individuals.


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